At a conference attended by Netanyahu, Kahlon addressed the Israeli Broadcasting Corporation crisis: “I paid the price not to have an election.”

Israeli Broadcasting Corporation employees protest

Israeli Broadcasting Corporation employees protest Photo Credit: Tomer Neuberg/Flash90

Today (Monday), Israeli Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon addressed the resolved Israeli Broadcasting Corporation crisis during a ceremony for apartment marketing in Beit Shemesh. “I paid the price not to have an election,” Kahlon said during the ceremony which Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu also attended. “You know what you’re getting into with elections, but you don’t know how you’ll come out. Nobody does.”

“We went through a crisis over the past few weeks,” Kahlon added. “If we held an election, nobody would be here today. The young couples would go read Psalms. The disabled would also need to wait an additional year for stipend raises.”

Meanwhile, as a result of the harm done towards Israeli Broadcasting Authority and Israeli Broadcasting Corporation employees and the compromise between Kahlon and Netanyahu which will close the broadcasting corporation’s news division, Histadrut head Avi Nissenkorn declared an overall labor dispute in the public sector. The dispute includes all employers within both the public and private sectors.