US Secretary of State John Kerry claimed that the actions of Syria and Russia must be investigated and that they are not accidents but a “targeted strategy to terrorize civilians.” Russia, on the other hand, rejected another ceasefire proposition.

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US Secretary of State John Kerry expressed his frustration with the lack of action being taken by the US against the Russian intervention in Syria. Today (Friday), he accused the Russian government of serious war crimes. According to Kerry, the bombardments, including the one on a hospital, “beg for an appropriate investigation of war crimes.”

Just before his meeting with the French Foreign Affairs Minister, Kerry said that Russia and Syria “owe the world more than an explanation.” “They [the actions of Syria and Russia] are beyond the accidental now, way beyond, years beyond the accidental,” Kerry added. “This is a targeted strategy to terrorize civilians.”

Earlier today, Russia rejected a French ceasefire proposition, claiming that some of the terms are irrational.