US Secretary of State John Kerry called the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to reassure him that nothing will come of the Paris Conference that took place today. Kerry explained that the US planned to “soften” any resolution.

Netanyahu to Kerry: The damage is done

Netanyahu to Kerry: The damage is done Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

Over 70 countries were represented today at the Paris Peace Summit as previously reported by JOL in which French President Hollande called terrorism and settlements obstacles to peace. Meanwhile, the US Secretary of State John Kerry who is at the Paris Conference called Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to reassure him that no further resolutions will be allowed following the last Security Council resolution.

According to the statement released by Netanyahu’s office, Kerry called Netanyahu to tell him about the moves the U.S. was taking at the conference to soften the wording of the Paris communique. Kerry told the Prime Minister that there will be no resulting consequence from the Paris Conference, neither at the UN Security Council or at the conference itself. “The United States would oppose any proposal that may be put forward to the Security Council,” Kerry said. Despite the US Secretary of State’s promise, the Prime Minister made it clear to him that “Israel already suffered damage.”

The Israeli Foreign Ministry continues to criticize the conference and Deputy Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotovely harshly attacked the French President for his remarks: “The comparison between terrorism and building settlements is a distortion of morality. While Israel continues to contribute to life by building, Palestinian terrorism glorifies the death of innocent people. When savage terror hit the streets of Paris, did the French leadership even think for a second that it was because of erred French policies? Those who do not condemn terrorism against Israel and compare it to settlements eliminate the foundation for international efforts to fight against radical Islamic terrorism.”

Abbas calls Paris Conference

Abbas calls Paris Conference “last chance” for two states Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

Previously, the Israeli Foreign Ministry stated that “the participants in the Paris summit must call on the head of the Palestinian Authority to put an end to the discourse of hate and praise for terrorists and return to direct negotiations with Israel without any preconditions.” Meanwhile, the Palestinian Authority called the conference a “last chance for a two-state solution.”