At the World Economic Forum in Davos, US Secretary of State John Kerry spoke about Israel and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. “We saw a process taking place whereby the West Bank is slowly and steadily being eaten up,” stated Kerry.


Kerry Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

US Secretary of State John Kerry spoke today at the World Economic Forum in Davos and claimed: “I am a passionate supporter of Israel. I believe in Israel, believe in the dream of the Jewish people having a homeland of their own and I supported it completely and totally as a United States senator and as a Secretary of State.”

“The United States of America’s sovereignty and our policies and our morality also matter. And we have, Republican and Democrat administration alike, for years – for decades – been opposed to settlements,” stated Kerry. “Now, I’ve had well more than 375 hours of conversations with the prime minister of Israel, whom I’ve worked with closely, and we’ve had many personal moments and real exchanges and we consider ourselves friends. But in almost all those conversations I’ve said: Look, you’re affecting the ability to make peace. You’re changing the peace map and you’re doing it unilaterally. And if you continue to do that, you’re going to have trouble also with us because our credibility’s on the line.”

Kerry denied the argument that he and Obama don’t care about Israel’s security: “None of us are – not me, not President Obama – none of us are suggesting that you’re going to pull out and suddenly turn it over in three years, five years; it’s going to be Gaza next week. Of course not. Can’t do that. Israel’s security is a paramount consideration as a final status issue.”

“Let me say to my friends in Israel that you cannot be a unitary state and be democratic and Jewish at the same time,” stated Kerry. “You have Palestinians in the West Bank living under Israeli military law. But Israelis living in the settlements are living under Israel civil law. So you already have two legal systems being applied to people who live in an area that’s supposed to be a state separate from Israel. […] That’s a recipe for permanent insurgency, permanent conflict.”