A Jewish couple walking in the streets of Kiev were attacked by eight allegedly armed anonymous individuals. “I knew that if I didn’t get away we would be in serious trouble”, said one of the Ukrainian Jews.

In their costumes speaking with police in Kiev.

In their costumes speaking with police in Kiev. Photo Credit: Yossi Hai/ News 24

Another antisemitic attack in Ukraine, this time on the way to a Purim party: a Jewish couple from Kiev reported that they were attacked this weekend on a main street in Kiev by eight armed individuals on their way to a Purim celebration.

“They pointed at us and yelled we should stop in our tracks”, said Zelman Hazkolivich, one of the individuals who was attacked. “I knew that if I didn’t get away we would be in serious trouble. I hailed a cab, got into the car with my wife and asked the driver to leave the scene immediately”.

“The attackers surrounded the cab and demanded the driver that he let us out”, continued Hazkolivich. “The driver stepped on the gas, causing the attackers to move out of the way, but in the process they damaged the cab”. According to Hazkolivich, the taxi driver pressed on the gas, but was soon stuck in traffic on another city street. The antisemitic attackers noticed that the cab had stopped and approached the vehicle, forcing the Jewish couple to desert the cab and make a run for it.

The Jewish couple ran through the streets until they reached the Synagogue, “Our lives were saved by a miracle”, stated Hazkolivich. The Rabbi Hillel Cohen, the chairman of an organization for Ukrainian Jews, reported that the couple issued a complaint to police yesterday (Sunday), but stated that he believed that it has yet to be addressed by authorities, “The Ukrainian regime is dealing with more serious problems at the moment”.

The attack, which took place on Friday night, is just another incidence of antisemitism in Ukraine. Just one day before, the Rabbi Hillel Cohen was stabbed in his arms and legs by a masked individual in Kiev, “It seems that these are the same provocateurs that stabbed me on Thursday night”, asserted the Rabbi.