A day after the death of a suspected criminal at the hands of the police ignited violent riots across Jaffa, the young man’s father spoke out in an interview calling for calm while pointing a finger at the police which he claims is trying to cover up the shooting: “The police chased my son, shot him and murdered him in cold blood.”

Watch Below: Violent clashes between Israel Police and rioters in Jaffa during the funeral, Saturday night 

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Following last night’s clashes that broke out during the funeral of the suspected criminal shot and killed by police in Jaffa, this morning (Sunday), the young man’s family called for de-escalation and calm while also pointing an accusatory finger at the Israel Police they claim are trying to cover up the incident. “The police chased my son, shot him and murdered him in cold blood,” said Jamal, the young man’s father in an interview with Israel Army Radio.

The father denied the police’s claims that his son was involved in a shooting incident which spurred the police chase, saying his son was not involved at all. “A boy with a moped, only 20-years-old, has 25 bullets in his body, only in his upper body,” Jamal explained in an interview with Niv Raskin this morning. “I think they may have been in pursuit of another, noticed him and shot him. He wasn’t connected, maybe they identified a moped of the same color or maybe he had a similar body structure, but my son was not involved in any shooting incident in Jaffa. He was not armed.”

The scene of the shooting in Jaffa

The scene of the shooting in Jaffa Photo Credit: Israel Police Spokesperson/Channel 2 News

The father claims that the police are trying to cover up the truth and therefore claims they were chasing the young man. “They chased the boy and shot him at close range, which was understood after his autopsy and after we saw his body,” Jamal added. “He probably was only passing through on his moped. If they were in pursuit, why shoot him in the head. Why kill him? They could have shot his tire.”

“The riots stemmed from the entire city of Jaffa’s anger against the police, such an outrage that they did not know what to do,” he said in reference to yesterday’s riots before and during the funeral. “We want to know which policeman murdered him. We want to know who killed the child and know that he will receive the punishment he deserves.”

As previously reported by JOL, Jaffa was placed on high alert last night ahead of the funeral after Israel Police received intelligence that youths were planning to violently clash with security forces. As expected, hundreds of people took part in the clashes during which 8 suspects, including 6 minors were arrested for disrupting public order. Police received reports of youths lighting trash cans and vehicles on fire, blocking the roads.