North Korea’s leader responded to US President Donald Trump’s latest remarks about his country, saying that Pyongyang’s nuclear weapons program is a “powerful deterrent” amid the “continuous nuclear threats from the American imperialists.”

Kim Jong-un

Kim Jong-un Photo Credit: EPA

After US President Donald Trump said on Saturday that “only one thing will work” when it comes to Pyongyang, alluding to a military operation, North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-un boasted about his country’s nuclear weapon developments and said that they are a “powerful deterrent” that safeguards North Korea’s sovereignty.

During a speech in front of senior members of the ruling Workers’ Party, Kim said that the country’s nuclear weapons are “means of deterrent and power, which maintain the peace and security in the region.” During his speech, Kim also slammed the “continuous nuclear threats from the American imperialists.”

In addition, Kim claimed that the current situation proves that his policy of developing nuclear weapons and advancing the North’s economy simultaneously is “absolutely right.” The leader of the reclusive state said that the “byungjin” policy has proven itself as the North Korean economy has continued to grow in the past year despite the international sanctions.

During the conference of the ruling party, Kim’s younger sister, Kim Yo Jong, was announced as an alternate member of the “politburo,” the state’s decision-making group. The sister has replaced the leader’s aunt, who was an important member of the committee when Kim’s father was North Korea’s ruler.