Reality star Kim Kardashian said in an interview that she has no regard for the BDS movement, and in fact will be visiting the Jewish State next month.

She said she was not worried about a hostile reaction from supporters of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) campaign against Israel.

“People aren’t going to love anything, you know, you gotta go with what you believe in and I always believed in the brand. That was never even a thought,” Kardashian said of BDS.

Kardashian’s visit is to promote the Israeli optical brand Carolina Lemke, together with model Bar Refaeli.

Refaeli published a photograph last September with Kardashian through her Instagram page when the deal was signed.g next summer.

The Carolina Lemke Berlin brand was founded seven years ago in Israel. Since then, 70 outlets have been established in Israel, Thailand and Australia, as well as in Barcelona and London. The company will soon establish an online site for the U.S. market, and then invest $30 million to open physical stores in the US.

Last month eyebrows were raised after she canceled her trip, but she dismissed it by saying; “It was issues in the planning that were not in my control. So, you know, I just asked them to please just put it back a little, just figure out the right date and when everything will be perfect.”

“I was ready to go, so don’t worry, we’re planning a really good trip,” she said.

Many in the entertainment news industry speculate that it was due to security concerns after the Hamas missiles that landed outside of Tel Aviv last month.

Kardashian of Armenian descent came to Israel in 2015 to baptize her daughter North in an Armenian church in the Old City of Jerusalem.