Kim Kardashian West will be the new face of the Israeli optical brand Carolina Lemke, together with model Bar Refaeli.

The American star, who visited Israel in 2015 with her husband Kanye West to baptize her daughter North under the Armenian Christian rite in the Cathedral of Santiago in Jerusalem, will be the new model for an advertising campaign of the brand together with Refaeli.

Refaeli published a photograph with Kardashian through her Instagram page, in which she indicated that in addition to friends they would now be partners.

Kardashian will also be a partner in the development of a limited edition eyewear line, which will also include a promotional tour in Israel. The partnership with Kardashian, which was revealed a few months ago in the media, was officially confirmed last week at a press conference in Tel Aviv.

Reportedly her contract will be for two years, starting next summer. In return, the reality television star will receive 10% of the shares of Carolina Lemke stores located in the U.S., as well as a lump sum that the company declines to disclose.

The Carolina Lemke Berlin brand was founded seven years ago in Israel. Since then, 70 outlets have been established in Israel, Thailand and Australia, as well as in Barcelona and London. The company will soon establish an online site for the U.S. market, and then invest $30 million to open physical stores in the US.

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