​The Knesset has approved the budget of the Central Elections Committee for the March 23 elections for the 24th Knesset and for all of 2021. The budget will total NIS 674.8 million, compared with the Elections Committee’s NIS 392 million budget for the elections for the 23th Knesset and all of 2020. NIS 237 million of the budget will be used to deal with the challenges posed by the coronavirus crisis, according to the Central Elections Committee.

In its budget request, as presented to the Finance Committee, the Elections Committee said it has turned into a “huge system with 25 arms – 19 local committees and six subcommittees that are operated by some 1,100 employees.”

The Elections Committee noted in its request that it will set up some 15,000 voting stations throughout the country, more than the usual 11,000, in hopes of limiting potential infections at crowded stations. The stations will be operated by more than 60,000 people. The voting station committees will include more than 60,000 additional people.

The budget will also be used to fund special shuttles to polling stations for active COVID-19 patients, alongside further adaptations forced by the pandemic, the request stated.