The Knesset has approved the extension of the declaration of a state of emergency due to the COVID-19 pandemic by an additional 60 days. This was the fourth time the declaration was extended. The committee also approved the extension of the validity of the restrictions on travel to and from Israel until Sunda.

“Over the past week, the media has attacked the government regarding its refusal to open the skies and authorize the entry of citizens, saying this is a violation of democracy and the right to vote, and this is true. There was legitimate criticism about the closing of the skies, but there was also illegitimate criticism – that, supposedly, behind the decision is the wish to prevent people from arriving to vote,” ​Chairman MK Yakov Asher of the Law and Justice Committee said.

“But, lo and behold, as soon as the Minister of Transportation announced that she would recommend a controlled opening of the skies, in some manner, all the reporters and pundits launched an attack on the lack of professionalism and cried out against the opening of the skies fiasco,” he said.

“There can be criticism about the conduct or the results on the ground, but after the government says that it is changing its policy despite the fears of mutations, and talks about an organized opening after there was criticism, that is not okay either. So what is okay?” Asher concluded.