Speaking during this week’s special Knesset sitting to ratify the peace agreement between Israel and the United Arab Emirates, Leader of the Opposition MK Yair Lapid took a shot at Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for his shortcomings.

“If you want to be commended when you succeed, you will have to accept the criticism when you do not succeed. It cannot be that you’ll expect an objective approach from us towards successes, but whenever you are told that you failed, you will claim that it is being said from a certain position. Here is your objective balance for 2020: You brought a good agreement with the United Arab Emirates. You maintained the relationship with the American president nicely. You completely failed in the relations with the Democratic Party and United States Jewry. You completely failed in the handling of the health crisis. You completely failed in the handling of the economic crisis.”

“You failed when you tried to receive a million shekels in tax benefits at the height of a national crisis. You failed because you imprisoned Israel’s citizens in an unnecessary lockdown for political reasons. You failed in the unpaid leave outline. You failed because there is no budget. You failed when you formed a government of 36 ministers that cannot do anything. You failed in setting a personal example during the lockdown. You failed in the appointment of senior officials and with the resignation of the entire Treasury brass, because of you. You failed, if you ever tried at all, in uniting the nation of Israel in its difficult hour.”