The Knesset on Thursday gave final approval to a bill that extends the deadline for refunding people who bought tickets for flights that were canceled due to the corona pandemic – from August 14, the date currently stipulated, to October 1, in order to help the struggling airlines.

The bill, an amendment to the Aviation Services Law (Compensation and Assistance for Cancellation of Flight or Modification of its Terms), passed its third and final reading by a vote of 18-2.

The bill was passed a temporary order and applies only to airlines whose revenues in the second quarter of 2020 decreased by 70% compared to the corresponding quarter last year.

The explanatory notes attached to the bill state that due to the continued spread of the corona pandemic around the world, “most countries still impose restrictions on the entry of non-citizens into their territory. In addition, due to the current morbidity rate in Israel, most countries do not permit the entry of Israeli passengers into their territory. In this situation, airlines, with an emphasis on Israeli airlines, are finding it difficult to create new revenue, and in some cases their cash flow trouble has yet to be resolved. Therefore, their ability to refund their customers is harmed.”