By a vote of 62 to 14, the Knesset plenum approved Tuesday evening  the joint communique signed by Israel and Bahrain on the “establishment of diplomatic, peaceful and friendly relations.” The vote followed a lengthy debate which included close to 80 four-minute speeches.

While presenting the agreement​, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu alluded to the possibility of additional agreements with more Arab countries that “have not yet made public the normalization that is being developed” with Israel. “But I want to tell you that the buds of normalization are already there, waiting to bloom. I will continue with the policy I have charted​, I am convinced that the blossoming will be seen above the surface as well, and there will be more countries that will join the circle of peace,” which will stand “as a wall against the radical Islam led by Iran.”

“Peace deals with the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and normalization with Sudan have not fallen on us from the sky,” Netanyahu said. “It has come from a change in policy. In the last decade, Israeli governments have systematically nurtured our power when it comes to security, economy, cyber, foreign relations and other spheres.”