During a special Knesset session on Wednesday marking Jerusalem Day and Memorial Day for Ethiopian Jews who Perished on their Way to Israel, Speaker of the Knesset MK Yariv Levin (Likud) mentioned that he grew up in Jerusalem, and said he was pleased to be the first Knesset Speaker who was born after Israel’s victory in the Six-Day War. The victory in the Six-Day War, he said, was a major advancement “in the history of Jerusalem; in our history.”

Speaker Levin lauded US President Donald Trump’s “bold decision” to relocate the American embassy to Jerusalem two years ago, as well as the “courageous implementation” of that decision by US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman. “American recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel does justice to Jerusalem, the State of Israel and the historic truth,” Speaker Levin said in his speech. “From here I wish to once again thank President Trump and Ambassador Friedman for standing strong in support of the State of Israel, in support of the truth.”

Addressing the criticism at the time against the relocation of the US Embassy, Speaker Levin denounced the “experts at instilling fear, the ‘it won’t work’ professors and the members of the ‘sorry we won’ choir, who explain to us that we shouldn’t make the effort, that it is dangerous to dare; who convince us that if we aspire for more, we will lose what we have. They tell us that it is better to remain on the step we are standing on. That we should wait for other times, when the ‘world’ will agree. But Jerusalem despises these experts.”