This morning, Kurdish forces launched an offensive against the Islamic State forces in order to retake the Yazidi city of Sinjar in North Iraq. 20 thousand Kurds, helped by US-led airstrikes are currently trying to cut the Islamic State’s main supply route.

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In August 2014, the Islamic State organization seized the Kurdish city of Sinjar in Northern Iraq. This led to a severe humanitarian crisis in the region after which thousands of Yazidi Kurds fled their homes. On Thursday morning, Kurdish forces implemented a counter-attack, in order to regain control over the city. The offensive’s main target was destroying Road 74, which was the Islamic State’s main supply route, leading from Iraq to Syria.

Last night, the US-led coalition forces began launching airstrikes targeting the Islamic State forces in the field. “At least 20 thousand Kurds are taking part in the attack,” one of the opposition commanders stated. “Our soldiers attacked with heavy artillery, with the help of the coalition’s airstrikes.” Apart from the Kurdish city, many additional villages were liberated from the Islamic State’s control.

This Kurdish achievement is a significant blow for the terror organization, which comes on the heels of several losses in battles in Syrian and Iraq. Yesterday, an joint airstrike launched by Assad’s forces, Russia and Iran broke the siege of the air base in Aleppo after nearly two years.

This morning, the Iranian Faras news agency reported that Iraqi forces had found explosives and weapons manufacture in Turkey in areas Islamic State strongholds in the country. According to the report, “Made in Turkey” was written on the barrels of explosives.