Kurdish officials claim that a deal has been reached with Syrian government forces to work together in combating Turkish presence and infiltration in Afrin. This collaboration may be pivotal in the conflict’s future.

Kurdish YPG forces

Kurdish YPG forces Photo Credit: Screenshot from Twitter/Kurdistan 24 English

On Monday, A Syrian Kurdish source claimed that Syrian government troops and the Kurds have reached a deal to work together in Afrin to prevent a Turkish invasion in the northwestern part of the border town. The Syrian government has yet to comment on the alleged deal.

The Syrian troops are reportedly entering Afrin in the next two days. The deal emphasizes the growing complexities on the battlefield in northern Syria, motivated by tangled rivalries and allegiances among the Kurdish forces, the Syrian government, rebel groups, Turkey, the United States and Russia.

Turkey launched an air and ground attack on Afrin last month, which targeted the Kurdish YPG rebel group. Turkey views YPG as a terrorist group having ties to an armed insurgency group in Turkey.

The relationship between the Syrian government and the Syrian Kurdish forces, both holding the most territory than any other side in the ongoing Syrian civil war, respectively, may prove essential in the conflict’s future.

The US has supported YPG in Syria to combat the widespread of ISIS in the region. This has led to tensions with US and Turkey, as previously reported by JOL, and proven during US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s visit to Turkey last week.