Tyler Barriss, 25, from California, is suspected of calling the LA Police and reporting a fake hostage situation, leading to an innocent man’s death.

The scene of the shooting

The scene of the shooting Photo credit: Twitter

A prank call to the Los Angeles Police on Thursday resulted in an innocent man being shot dead.

After getting into a feud with another man while playing an online game with him, police believe Tyler Barriss, 25, phoned the police to report a fake hostage situation at the other man’s home address.

Only the address he gave them was that of a different man named Andrew Finch, who was completely uninvolved in the feud.

Andrew Finch, who was shot dead by police

Andrew Finch, who was shot dead by police Photo courtesy of the family

When police arrived at Finch’s home, they ordered him to put his hands up, which he did. However, when he moved his hand toward the area of his waistband, an officer fired his gun, killing Finch on the spot.

“Due to the actions of a prankster we have an innocent victim,” said Wichita Deputy Police Chief Troy Livingston. He called the incident “a nightmare for everyone involved, including the family and our police department.”

Barriss has been arrested and could face a judge as early as January 2.