Confectionery giants Mars, Nestle, Wrigley and Lindt announced in a joint statement that they will decrease the number of calories in many of their US-sold products.

Photo credit: Reuters/ Channel 2 News

Yesterday (Thursday), five of the largest confectionary companies in the world announced that they intend to reduce the quantity of sugar and calories in many of their US-sold products. The unusual cooperation between the companies is a real indication of increased awareness.

Among the companies to participate in the initiative are Mars, Wrigley, Nestle and Lindt. The companies promised to reduce half of their individually wrapped products sold in the US to a maximum of 200 calories within five years. “There’s going to be less sugar and less calories in the food that consumers are going to be eating,” said president and CEO of Partnership for a Healthier America (PHA) Larry Soler.  

The commitment from the confectionary giants will be monitored by the PHA and the Hudson Institute. “They want to make sure that they meet the consumers where the consumers want to be met,” said National Confectioners Association President and CEO John Downs.

The US is considered the largest sugar consumer in the world. It is also the country that suffers from the highest obesity rates. This comes as the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) decided that all food manufacturers are required to indicate sugar quantities on packaging on their products until 2018.