Hundreds of police officers made their way this morning toward the last building left to be in evacuated in Amona: the synagogue. There are about 150 people inside who refuse to leave. However, the evacuation has been delayed because the protesters poured diesel around the building.

Footage from Amona

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Police forces continued to evacuate the last remaining Amona residents and right-wing activists from the outpost over the night. The only building left to clear is the local synagogue, which will be evacuated this morning (Thursday). The operation to remove the dozens of young people who have barricaded themselves inside the synagogue is expected to be complicated.

The Israel Police announced that the evacuation of the synagogue has been temporarily delayed because protesters poured diesel on the road that leads to the building. Yesterday morning, the protesters welded the doors and windows of the synagogue in order to make it harder for the security forces to enter the holy site. Police have been trying to negotiate with the protesters in the synagogue.

Amona, this morning

Amona, this morning Photo Credit: Oded Bino/Channel 2 News

“At the moment, the law enforcement preparation for the Amona evacuation continues,” stated the Israel Police. “The Israel Police continues to talk with the protesters inside the synagogue in order to convince them to willingly evacuate, which will prevent the use of force on the one hand and preserve the holiness of the site on the other. We are still hoping that these efforts, which continued late into the night, will be effective and the evacuation will end peacefully.”

The operation went on into the night

The operation went on into the night Photo Credit: Mati Amar/TPS/Channel 2 News

There are about 150 young people inside the synagogue. According to reports, they have tied themselves to the walls and are refusing to leave the building.

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