Right-wing French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen made another controversial statement in an interview with a local news agency. Le Pen announced that if she is elected, French citizens will be prohibited from holding citizenship from countries outside of the EU including Israeli citizenship.

Marine Le Pen, candidate for President of France

Marine Le Pen, candidate for President of France Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

Marine Le Pen, a right-wing French presidential candidate, stated that if elected, she will not allow French Jews to hold Israeli citizenship. This follows a statement that she made about her plans to prohibit Jewish men from wearing a yarmulke in the streets in an effort to combat terrorism.

As part of her expected policy, she explained in an interview with a local news agency that French citizens will only be permitted to hold additional citizenship from countries belonging to the EU. When asked about her position on Israeli citizenship, Le Pen responded, “Israel does not belong to the European Union and therefore French citizens will be forced to give up one of their passports.”

Le Pen also reiterated her stance on wearing a yarmulke in public during an interview with Channel 2 News last week: “Because I think that everyone in France should receive equal treatment, I also support a ban on wearing the yarmulke in a public space. Honestly, the situation for Jews in France has become so dangerous that those who choose to wear a yarmulke in public have become the minority due to a general fear.”