Oded Rosenboim (left), Maor Davidovich, Tomer Treves

Established in 2005, Jerusalem Online has been recognized as one of the world’s leading sources for ongoing news from Israel and the Middle East. With over 750,000 Facebook fans and 100,000 newsletter subscribers, Jerusalem Online has become the go-to source for news updates from Israel.

In 2017, the veteran news portal was acquired by Adnimation, a prominent publishing agency with expertise in monetization and programmatic advertising sales. Licensed by Google and all top advertising exchanges, Adnimation manages the ad sales for major websites in the USA and Israel. Adnimation has been growing rapidly as they gain substantial market share, and are astounding the industry as they continue to partner with top tier publishers.

Co-founders Tomer Treves and Maor Davidovich knew they found something special when they acquired Jerusalem Online.

“We don’t normally own the websites that we manage since we prefer to focus on professional monetization and increase the advertising revenue for publishers. Yet in this case, we took over the news site seeing the amazing potential for technological improvement and serious growth,” Mr. Treves said.

Under the Adnimation umbrella, Jerusalem Online has gone through a user-friendly technological overhaul, enriched its content, search engine optimization and worldwide audience.

Now, less than two years later the outstanding news site has been bought by a robust publishing company out of Tel Aviv called Wazimo, for an undisclosed sum estimated to be six figures.

Wazimo brings a fresh perspective to publishing that operates over ten hefty content filed websites.

Mr. Davidovich explained that this was not this what they call in the business world an ‘exit’, rather ‘’we reached our investment goal’s that procured a sale that was mutually beneficial for both parties.

Wazimo CEO Oded Rosenboim revealed what was so intriguing about the prospect of buying Jerusalem Online. ‘’We are a company whose success lies in mixing cutting edge technology with a drive to challenge the status quo of user engagement’’

‘’We know that we will take Jerusalem Online to a whole new level that will enhance user experience and continue to provide readers worldwide with the best news from Israel.’’ Mr. Rosenboim said with a smile.