An Iraqi national has been captured in Lebanon on suspicion of being an Israeli asset. According to a statement released by Hezbollah, the Iraqi confessed during his interrogation to working for the Israeli Ministry of Defense as an asset.


Illustration Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

The Al-Mayadeen TV network reported today (Saturday) that Lebanese security forces arrested an Iraqi national on suspicion of collaborating with and gathering information for Israel in Lebanon and Iraq. According to the report, a statement issued by Hezbollah claimed that the detainee confessed during the interrogation to the charges made against him and has been tried.

According to the Hezbollah publication, the detainee said he had been recruited by officers of a service belonging to the Israeli Ministry of Defense, which deals with overseas activities, assassinations and training of combatants. Reportedly, the detainee was asked to provide security information on the Lebanese army and people in Lebanon, as well as to recruit additional people to set up an espionage network in Lebanon.

The detainee is also accused of connecting his Israeli handler with his brother in Iraq in order to gather information about the Iraqi government’s activities. According to reports, Lebanese security forces are currently working to arrest the other members of the asset’s network.