Saad Hariri, the Prime Minister of Lebanon who resigned two weeks ago, has come back from Saudi Arabia and announced that his resignation is being held off until ‘further dialogue’ is made regarding the political crisis in the country.

Hariri (left) with Aoun in Beirut

Hariri (left) with Aoun in Beirut Photo credit: Channel 2 News

Lebanon’s Prime Minister Saad Hariri announced on Wednesday he is suspending his resignation until a solution to the political crisis in the country is found.

Hariri, who returned to Lebanon Wednesday night after a lengthy visit to Saudi Arabia, said he agreed to rethink his decision to resign after speaking with President Michel Aoun.

“I handed in my resignation to President Aoun,” Hariri said. “He asked me to hold it off until we’ve had a discussion about the reasons and the background for my decision, and I agreed.”

Hariri’s surprise resignation was announced two weeks ago in Saudi Arabia, sparking speculation that he was being held hostage in the country. He later denied these claims on Twitter.

A Lebanese official told Reuters that Saudi Arabia forced Hariri to read out his resignation announcement after learning that he wanted to avoid a confrontation with Hezbollah.