Israel has violated the sovereignty of Lebanon and conducted “dangerous” military operations at the border between the two countries, Lebanese Prime Minister Hassan Diab announced on Tuesday following the recent security incident.

“Yesterday, Israel violated the sovereignty of Lebanon one more time and breached the UN Resolution 1701, by carrying out dangerous military escalation”, Diad said, addressing to the country’s Supreme Defence Council.

The prime minister also warned that the relations between the two countries may “deteriorate in light of the severe tensions on our borders.”

Lebanese Foreign Minister Nassif Hitti announced in turn that the government will lodge a complaint with the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) against Israel on Wednesday over its military operations conducted during the recent security incident on the border.

“The government will file a complaint with the Security Council tomorrow to hold [Israel] and the international community accountable for what happened yesterday, as there is a clear [act of] aggression”, Hitti said in a statement to media following the cabinet session. “We adhere to the UN Resolution 1701 [issued by the UNSC in 2006] and Lebanon’s right to protect itself”.

The announcement is taking place after the incident occurred on Monday on the Israeli-Lebanese border with explosions and exchanges of gunfire being heard.

A local source revealed that Israel had been bombing the settlement of Kfarchouba in southern Lebanon for around half an hour.

Last week, tensions in the region increased after reports emerged that Israel launched an airstrike and killed a Hezbollah fighter in southern Damascus.