Lebanon’s prime minister Saad Hari

At this weeks Bahrain Conference, Jared Kushner called his Middle East peace plan the “opportunity of the century” for the Palestinians and the surrounding Arab countries in the Middle East.

The plan consists of $50 billion to go towards the real needs of the Palestinian people that will benefit everyone in the region

The plan seeks to double the gross domestic product (GDP) of Palestinians, create approximately one million jobs for Palestinians, reduce unemployment in the West Bank and Gaza from 30 percent to single digits, and halve the percentage of poverty among the Palestinian population.

The money will finance 179 economic projects in areas such as infrastructure, water, energy, telecommunications, tourism, and medical services. Of that total, 147 of the projects will be for the West Bank and Gaza, 15 for Jordan, 12 in Egypt and five in Lebanon.

This amounts to $6 Billion going to Lebanon for economic growth and prosperity.

The entire Lebanese political spectrum represented in the national parliament opposed Kushner’s entire proposal depite the major benefits it will give them.

“The government, Parliament and all of Lebanon are against the ‘Deal of The Century,’” said Saad Hariri, the Lebanese prime minister.

“Those who think that waving billions of dollars can lure Lebanon, which is under the weight of a suffocating economic crisis, into succumbing or bartering over its principles are mistaken,” said Lebanese Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri.

Their fear is that it will force their hand to accept the definitive inclusion of the Palestinians who have lived as refugees in the country since the creation of Israel in 1948.