An IDF spokesman has announced that the Israeli army was launching the Northern Shield Operation at the Israeli-Lebanese border in order to find and destroy cross-border tunnels of the Hezbollah movement.

”The Lebanese army is ready for any developments on the border with Israel making efforts together with the UN forces to maintain stability in the area,” a representative of the Lebanese army said in a statement.

The Lebanese army has responded by issuing a statement  that “everything is calm and peaceful on the Lebanese side of the border, the situation is under full control. The army units deployed in the area are fulfilling their tasks in coordination with the UN Interim Force in order to prevent any provocation and maintain stability in the southern region”

It also  added that it remained in contact both with Israel and Hezbollah calling them to use all the mechanisms to de-escalate tensions and prevent further de-stabilization of the situation.

However the statement pointed out that the army was ready for any emergency situations,”

According to the IDF Spokesperson , it took some two years to build the tunnel under the house in Kafr Kila in southern Lebanon, that stretches about 200 meters into Israel’s territory. 

“Two teams are created: one in the south, which has so far exposed some 17 tunnels, and another on the Northern Command, which operated under the assumption that if there are tunnels in the south, it is likely there are tunnels in the north”.

The IDF Spokesperson went on to say that Israel had warned Lebanon and the United Nations’ peacekeeping mission in South Lebanon that anyone who approached the area of the operation, was putting himself in peril.

Contributed by IDF and Sputnik News