Following the launch of the IDF’s Northern Shield Operation,Lebanon has warned Israel to not overstep their bounds especially in the ‘occupied areas’ of Lebanon.

A representative of the Lebanese army said on Wednesday during a trilateral meeting with the Israeli military and the UN Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) that Israel must leave ‘occupied territories’ in southern Lebanon, a statement of the Lebanese Armed Forces said.

“The Lebanese army insisted on the position of the Lebanese government, which protects the Lebanese sovereignty on the ground, at sea and oil fields. The violations of [he Lebanese airspace, marine and land borders by rival Israel and regular provocations are unacceptable. We made a demand to stop that. Once again we demanded the withdrawal of Israeli forces from the Shebaa farms, Kfarchouba heights and the occupied part of the al-Ghajar settlement,” the Lebanese Armed Forces said.

The Lebanese army has also asked for more details about the Hezbollah tunnels in the border area.

Earlier in the day, the UNIFIL said that participants of the trilateral meeting had discussed the situation around the Israeli operation against tunnels of the Hezbollah Shia movement.

On Tuesday, the Israel Armed Forces announced the launch of operation dubbed Northern Shield aimed at destroying the trans-boundary tunnels dug by the Hezbollah movement to secretly transfer its militants to Israel.

Contributed by IDF and Sputnik News