The Hagag Group announced Sunday that film star Leonardo DiCaprio has invested in a new hotel to be built along the coast of Herzliya. The hotel features innovative design and is focused on environmental cleanliness.

Film star Leonardo DiCaprio

Film star Leonardo DiCaprio Photo credit: Wikipedia

The Hagag Group announced today (Sunday) that Leonardo DiCaprio has joined a project to build a new hotel at the Herzliya Marina. The Hollywood actor will work with the Hagag Group to ensure that the hotel is built to the highest standard of both quality and environmental friendliness.

“We are proud to be partners with a world-renowned strategic investor,” the Hagag brothers said. “The union of groundbreaking design, the excellent location on the beach and our deep commitment to environmental conservation make this an especially exciting investment.”

Now that DiCaprio has partnered with the Hagag Group, the hotel will be built to the United States Green Building Council’s standards. DiCaprio, a longtime fighter for environmental conservation, said that green projects are essential in fighting global climate change. The Herzliya hotel has already received a gold standard from Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) organization.

The hotel will be composed of two central buildings and will contain some 200 suites. Between the two buildings will be a large pool, and some of the rooms will have additional, private pools that overlook the sea. Smaller lagoons will flow out of the main pool and around the hotel.

One of the hotel’s more unique innovations is its private marina: visitors will be able to bring their yacht to port at the hotel itself. “This hotel represents a breaking of architectural and hotel management paradigms around the world,” said Hagag Group’s marketing manager Yigal Tzemach.