Amid the tensions ahead of the US embassy move, Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman commented on this significant matter. “National ambition and fulfilling a vision has a price,” he said. Liberman also commented on the recent events along the Gaza border.


Liberman Photo Credit: Yonatan Sindel/Flash 90

With just ten days left until the US embassy in Israel is moved from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman commented on the upcoming event during an interview with Hadashot on Saturday.

“There are no free meals. National ambition and fulfilling a vision has a price. Opening the US embassy in Jerusalem will have a price too and it is one worth paying. I hope there won’t be, but I think that this decision is historic, important and dramatic. We have to welcome – and be prepared to pay prices. No one gave us our country on a silver tray,” Liberman said. He also stressed that “there will be an attempt to spoil the celebration and damage it, but there is no assessment that there will be people killed or injured. We are prepared to deal with those attempts.”

Liberman also commented on the new phenomenon of “kite terrorism,” flammable kites that have become the preferred method of harming Israel’s security and the communities adjacent to the Gaza border. Liberman said that the defense establishment is drawing conclusions from Friday to Friday, “I don’t want to speak about technical details, but the fact is that yesterday we had only one kite that flew across the border and there were no casualties. We have found an answer for everything, and we will find one for that too.”

As JOL reported last week, Liberman has refused to accept Mahmoud Abbas’ apology for his anti-Semitic rhetoric during a speech he delivered in front of the National Palestinian Council. In the interview, he once again condemned Abbas’ remarks and stated: “It is important to understand that this was no slip of the tongue – Abu Mazen is an eternal Holocaust denier.”

Liberman also commented on the Iranian issue and the uncovering of the nuclear archive. Regarding the Mossad extraction of the nuclear archive, he said, “I’m amazed by the desire to deal with the unimportant side instead of the main subject. What was mainly uncovered there – and this is the main subject – is that Iran, despite all denials, including in the last week, had the intention to acquire a nuclear weapon.”