The plan’s budget has not been approved by the Finance Ministry and it is still unclear from where the funding will come.

Public bomb shelter in northern Israel

Public bomb shelter in northern Israel Photo Credit: Shai Levy/Flash 90

Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman has presented an action plan to increase the protection of northern Israeli communities as a preliminary measure following the rising tensions with Syria and Iran.

The details about the plan were published by Army Radio this morning (Wednesday). It will cost around one billion shekels per year and take five years to complete. Dubbed “Shield of the North,” the plan aims to increase the protection of civilian homes, public shelters, hospitals and schools and will be implemented in some 300 communities located within 45 kilometers (about 28 miles) from the border.

In accordance with Liberman’s action plan, the municipal authorities will help build private bomb shelters in some 200,000 homes. Additionally, 550 public shelters will undergo protective preparations, as well as 800 schools and kindergartens, 65 welfare institutions and dozens of clinics.

However, Hadashot news has found that the plan still lacks a source for its budget. The Israeli Finance Ministry reportedly refused to comment on the plan and the Defense Minister’s office explained, “The plan for the protection of the north will be reviewed for approval of the Cabinet in June, and then they will have to find a budget source.”