On Israeli hostages still held in Gaza: help us bring back their remains.

Yisrael Beytenu chairman Lieberman departs an IDF helicopter.

Yisrael Beytenu chairman Lieberman departs an IDF helicopter. Lierbman Office.

During a visit to the IDF’s Gaza Division unit on Tuesday to assess ground conditions and meet with the forces securing Israel’s southern border with Gaza, Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman took the opportunity to refer to US president Donald Trump’s historic summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and also sent a strong message to the people of Gaza.


“We’ve been successfully intercepting two thirds of all kites and drones despite the growing use of these devices,” Lieberman said. “We know who we are dealing with, we are preparing an answer also for the third of the sender [of the devices] over here. I think that they are stretching the limits too hard and in the end the rope will break.”

Lieberman also sent a very strong message to the people of Gaza and urged them to avoid the pressure from Hamas to terrorize Israel. “You have turned to hostages, basically, of the Hamas regime. You can build a much better future for your children. You can receive all the humanitarian, financial and civil help, but first you have to get rid of the Hamas regime.”

The foreign minister urged the Gazans to put pressure on Hamas to return Israeli prisoners and hostages and promised it would open “a huge window” for humanitarian efforts by Israel “for all of Gaza’s residents.” He warned that “as long as Hamas is in power, any chance of co-existence, cooperation and a better future for Gaza’s residents simply does not exist.”

In referring to Israeli hostages held by Hamas, the foreign minister stressed that any agreement with the terrorist group would be conditioned by returning the bodies of the Israeli hostages, including the remains of Israeli soldiers Hadar Goldin and Oren Shaul, who Hamas presumably killed in Gaza in 2014.

Later in his address, Lieberman referred to the historic meeting between the US and North Korean leader and the nuclear agreement signed between the two countries, and said that the signing of the agreement will serve as a message to the Iranian regime and that the real test will be when the agreement is complete and in action.

“I am certain that the United States and President Trump are eager to reach a settlement,” Lieberman asserted. “I am certain that they will of course monitor the implementation of the agreement and that it will serve as the best example for other countries as well and for other people.”