Israel’s Defense Minister related to the accusations made by the Ha-Bayit Ha-Yehudi Chairman according to which he intends to divide the country and stated: “He goes for a short analysis of someone without patience.”

Bennett and Lieberman

Bennett and Lieberman Photo Credit: Flash 90

After the Ha-Bayit Ha-Yehudi attacked Lieberman entering the government, Lieberman responded to his remarks and called upon Bennett to change tune: “I friendly suggest that Naftali Bennett calm down.”

In an Israel Beiteinu meeting, Lieberman stated “those who cannot control themselves and thus go for a short analysis of someone without patience, I suggest that they go to a doctor. We are in need of joint work now.”

“Some journalists don’t remember things properly,” Lieberman proclaimed. “Stating the wholeness of the people is more important than the entire land I already published in my book in 2004 on page 45 and nothing has changed since then. We are taking pragmatic policies and empowering the security.”

The Israeli Defense Minister also gave himself credit for the present political initiatives: “The first person in the State of Israel from across the political spectrum that spoke of a regional peace agreement as a model to be emulated and not only as a slogan was Avigdor Lieberman in June 2014 at the IDC Herzliya. Would anyone in the political establishment ever use the term? No! This includes changing territories and populations. This is my model.”