Avigdor Lieberman, the president of the political party Israel Beiteinu has made very clear that he wants to be a part of a unity government between the right Likud and left Blue and White party, without the ultra-orthodox parties. “Last week, against the background of Netanyahu’s attempts to focus the campaign on the question of who would be the next prime minister, I was amazed to see the fierce and shameful competition that developed between Gantz and Netanyahu over who would surrender and give more to the Haredim”.

According to Lieberman, the future government will be a Government that represents the will of the absolute majority of the citizens of the State of Israel

‘We will force a government with the Likud and with Blue and White, which will be an emergency government, a national-liberal government. And we will do everything to block the ultra-Orthodox, who will not be allowed into the government,” he said.

It did not take long for the Likud to attack Liberman: “The cat is out the bag. Liberman says explicitly that he is willing to go with Blue and White, and force the establishment of a leftist government. Anyone who wants a right-wing government must vote only for the Likud party, headed by Netanyahu.”

Blue and White responded: “Better late than never. If Liberman had come to this conclusion before he and his party voted for the dispersal of the Knesset, they would have avoided unnecessary elections for the people of Israel.”

Israels 21st Knesset was dissolved at the end of May, and new elections were called for September 17th after the deadline of forming a ruling coalition on March 29th passed, without Netanyahu collecting enough seats to form a right-wing coalition.

Lieberman, held back the 5 seats that his party won 5 in the last election. Without them, Netanyahu did not have a majority to properly run a Knesset.

Lieberman’s refusal was because he did want to compromise on a stricter draft law that would increase the number of Orthodox males to serve in the army.

Despite outside pressure by the rest of the Likud parties to join, Lieberman still held his ground by saying ”during the elections, we promised to back Netanyahu as prime minister, and alongside this, we presented a very clear platform: security, immigration, and absorption, religion, and state. The draft of yeshiva students is one of the central issues for Yisrael Beytenu.”

“After the elections, as we promised, we recommended to the president Binyamin Netanyahu as the candidate to form the government. That being said, we did not obligate ourselves to give in to the Likud or to surrender our basic principles. At every appearance, I made before the elections, during the elections, and after the elections, I made it very clear that we won’t make any concessions on the issue of the draft, which was already brought up for the first vote as a compromise,” Liberman said.