Earlier today (Wednesday) a lifeguard at a Kiryat Yam beach near Haifa, spotted a cooler floating in the water. When he went to investigate, he saw what appeared to be a pipe bomb inside: an old cellphone connected with wires to a pipe he suspected had explosives inside. An Israel Police bomb squad called to the scene, arrived and eliminated the threat which is now under investigation.

Eliad Bar, the lifeguard who spotted the bomb

Eliad Bar, the lifeguard who spotted the bomb Photo Credit: Hatzalah Spokesperson/Channel 2 News

Eliad Bar, a lifeguard at a Kiryat Yam beach near Haifa was horrified to find what looked like a pipe bomb inside a bag and cooler he saw floating in the water today (Wednesday). Bar recounts the dramatic moments and described how he quickly distanced a group of children swimming near the suspicious object. “I was very frightened; my heart is still pounding. I’m glad it ended like this.”

Bar explained that he saw a blue bag and a cooler in the water at around 11:30 AM. “I saw that the bag was full of bottles of water,” he said and told how he then turned to check the cooler. “When I opened it, I saw an old cell phone, connected with two wires to a pipe bomb, which I believe was probably full of explosives.”

Bar said that as soon as he realized that it was a bomb, he threw the cooler back into the water and evacuated the children who were swimming nearby. “I and the station manager, Eitan, cornered off the place until the bomb squad arrived.” An Israel Police spokesman reported that the suspicious object had the characteristics of a bomb and has been taken for destruction. Local police continue to investigate the incident while the beach has been re-opened for swimming.