Speaking in front of the Knesset, Likud MK Yehuda Glick criticized the Prime Minister for his harsh response to the episode of the Uvda investigative program that focused on claims against Netanyahu and his wife. Glick: “I see fit to protect Yael Dayan’s reputation here in the Knesset of Israel.”

Glick and Netanyahu

Glick and Netanyahu Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

While the majority of the Likud’s MKs supported Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu following his harsh response to the episode of the investigative television program Uvda, which focused on claims against the Prime Minister and his wife, Likud MK Yehuda Glick surprised many with the opposite response, defending journalist Ilana Dayan. “I can’t understand the Prime Minister’s response,” Glick stated during a speech at the Knesset.

“Yesterday evening the Prime Minister issued a statement against a senior television reporter, Ilana Dayan,” Glick stated. “She interviewed me fairly in the past. I may not have agreed with everything she said, but she gave me a fair interview and I see fit to protect her reputation here in the Knesset of Israel.”

On the defense. Netanyahu

On the defense. Netanyahu Photo Credit: Yoav Ari Dudkevitch, Flash 90 / Channel 2 News

“I highly admire and respect the Prime Minister and I am happy that I live in a democratic state where I’m allowed to express my personal feelings,” Glick added. Earlier today, a senior-level Israeli minister also spoke out against the Israeli prime minister, stating: “Netanyahu’s regular trick of calling everyone who disagrees with him a leftist is no longer working.”

This morning, Ilana Dayan addressed the affair in a radio interview, claiming that she had no intention of personally attacking the Prime Minister and his wife and was only doing her journalistic duty. “The Prime Minister is not my rival,” she stated. “I’m not Ahmadinejad, I’m not Gideon Sa’ar and I’m not Yisrael Katz. We’re not in the same field.”