Bennett does not accept the agreement that will end construction outside of the settlement blocs. The Likud responded: “Bennett is the last one who can preach.” They accused him of surrendering to the New Israel Fund.

Photo Credit: Emil Salman/Flash 90

The Bayit Ha-Yehudi does not intend to stop promoting construction outside the settlement blocs in the West Bank in accordance with the agreement that was made with the US. They stressed that they intend to submit as many building plans as possible. Bennett attacked Likud policy: “We missed a strategic opportunity for change.”

Bennett claimed that “Israel needed to come to President Trump and to say to him, ‘listen, this line for a Palestinian state is along Route 6. This won’t work. The time has come for an alternative. Unfortunately, this opportunity was stopped when the issue is today the need to apply sovereignty and security in the State of Israel.”

The Likud replied harshly: “It is amusing to read Bennett’s quotes on Prime Minister Netanyahu, who acts with determination, wisdom and responsibility for the security of Israel and the settlements.”

“Bennett is the last person who can preach about a position under pressure when as Education Minister he surrendered in all aspects to pressure from the New Israel Fund within the Education Ministry and left Mahmoud Darwish in the curriculum, gave tenure to a teacher for citizenship studies who is a left wing extremist woman and turns a blind eye to Palestinian incitement in the Arab sector and in East Jerusalem that is funded by the Education Ministry.”