Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s support rally in Tel Aviv, held in light of grave allegations brought against him, has begun. All of the ministers and Knesset members from the Likud party have made an appearance, declaring their continued support for the prime minister. Netanyahu: “An obsessive hunt is going on in an attempt to overthrow the government.”

Pro-Netanyahu rally, tonight

Pro-Netanyahu rally, tonight Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

Thousands of people turned up Wednesday evening for a rally in support of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in light of the recent allegations made against him. Netanyahu spoke at the event, attacking both the political leftists and the media. He began his speech expressing how “moved” he was by the amount of people in attendance and thanked his audience for their support of him and his wife.

“They want to topple not only [me], they want to topple everyone…they know they cannot beat us at the voting stations, so they try to attack democracy and topple us without elections,” he said. “They know that we win time after time in the elections because we brought the State of Israel to its best situation in its history.”

Netanyahu dubbed the media in Israel “fake news” and said that “Israel is developing in an unprecedented way” and being aware of that fact, the media and the left is preparing an “obsessive and unprecedented hunt against me and against my family in an attempt to overthrow the government.”

Referring to the allegations against him, Netanyahu said that the “media and the left create an endless number of affairs, articles and headlines so that maybe something will catch on- if not submarines, cigars; if not cigars, talks with a publisher; if not case 1,000, then case 2,000,” he said. “They asked the enforcement agencies: ‘give us something, it doesn’t matter what,’ and its not the first time the media has used these tricks.”

Bibi supporters

Bibi supporters Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

Netanyahu also expressed support for his wife Sara, who was recently indicted on four different counts. “They didn’t tell the public that she supports and accompanies bereaved families, Holocaust survivors, children with cancer, lone soldiers.” Instead, he said, the media “prefers” to tell the public about the small, unimportant things. “What an embarrassment,” he said, to which Sara Netanyahu arose from her seat to wave to the crowd.

Many of the prime minister’s supporters came to the event carrying signs supporting Netanyahu. Among them were signs that read “The World’s No. 1 Leader” and “Benjamin Netanyahu is My Prime Minister,” all decorated with Israeli flags. Ahead of the event, Netanyahu’s close associates said that the prime minister was going to be delivering a speech “that will be remembered for many years to come.”

In light of the accusations against Netanyahu and the ongoing investigations, the Israeli Justice Ministry has said that it will be following the prime minister’s speech closely in order to ensure that he does not send prohibited hidden messages to associates with whom he is forbidden from speaking.