Gideon Saar with PM Benjamin Netanyahu

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has called for a recount of the votes from the primary elections of his party, Likud, held last week in which irregularities are suspected, according to Army Radio.

The station did not give details on what could be the errors made in the process that closed the party’s electoral list, automatically headed by Netanyahu, for the elections on April 9.

Channel 12 news reported the disappearance of hundreds of votes during the primaries, some of them in favor of one of the main rivals of the chief executive, former minister Gideon Saar, who was fifth on the list.

According to that information, some of the 142 candidates were counted less than they received, while others received more support than the total number of votes registered in those centers.

In total, of the 113 ballot boxes distributed throughout the country for some 120,000 Likud members – of those who voted some 70,000 – irregularities were observed in 15, according to the television channel, which points out that a new count could lead Saar to obtain a higher position on the electoral list.

Likud is reviewing what happened, which could be attributed to an error in entering the figures into the system rather than a failure in the recount, according to the media.

The party primaries a week ago were perceived as a test of Netanyahu’s strength between its bases and a “war of succession.”

Saar, stood just behind the Minister of Public Security, Gilad Erdan, on the list despite the fact that he clashed with Netanyahu, who accused him of wanting to keep command of the party and openly asked others not to support his candidacy.

Netanyahu participated in the internal elections, but he was not a candidate, since as party president he hold the first position on the electoral list, which in turn establishes the order in which the members of Likud will occupy a seats in the Knesset.