Looking for some great Israeli music to listen to? Then look no farther than Brazilian-Israeli singer Elisete who creates a unique sound that is a fusion of her two homelands.

Elisete, is an independent artist believing in the combination of music, optimism and hard work. She speaks 7 languages: Portuguese, Hebrew, Spanish, Italian, English, French and Russian. She sings in many of these languages bringing her closer to her audience.

Elisete, often expresses that she feels like a double ambassador – both of Israeli culture and Brazilian culture. Elisete, also feels that between her Brazilian and Israeli soul she is able to create a unique message of peace and coexistence.

Her debut album was ‘Luar e Cafe’ in 2004, ’Longing’ in 2006, ‘Elisete – Remixes’ in 2007, ‘My colors’ in 2011, ‘Simply Elisete’ in 2014, ‘Quiet’ in 2016 and ‘Inspired by the Sun’ in 2019.

She has performed in many shows: ‘One night in Rio’ – enchanted and ranging from the Rio Bossa-Nova to the Bahia Carnaval rhythms with both Brazilian classics and Elisete’s originals, ‘The Girl From Ipanema’ – magical Brazilian Jazz with both Elisete’s originals and Brazilian classics  and ‘Quiet’ – a guitar and voice show minimalistic in band size but huge in heart and soul and like the album itself is a comfortable lullaby for the soul.

In addition to being a musician, Elisete also produces a video blog called ‘Elisete in the morning’ that can be seen on her YouTube channel, and she is a radio DJ broadcasting music shows for various radio stations around the world.