After the success of the “The Other End”, an autobiographical song detailing Inbal Paz’s journey coping with the aftermath of sexual abuse. The artist has released her new single “Eyes Open Shut”

The lyrics together with mood-setting vocals tackles a subject many struggle with on a daily basis: human connection.

“I always write from a very personal place. What I’ve come to learn from life’s experiences is that the one thing we practice most in life is “connection,” Paz said. “We practice to make connections, we learn to live in them and at sometimes we learn to disentangle ourselves from them.”

“People don’t always come into your life to stay forever, some of them teach us things we need to know about ourselves and when the job is done, they move on.”

“There is a brilliant sentence that guided me through writing this song: “Listen not to what people say but watch what they do,” she said.