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The Promised Land is writen by Martin Fletcher. Fletcher is a world renowned author, a former NBC News Bureau Chief in Tel Aviv, who has won numerous awards including five Emmys.

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Promised Land is the sweeping saga of two brothers and the woman they love, a devastating love triangle set against the tumultuous founding of Israel.

The story begins when fourteen-year-old Peter is sent west to America to escape the growing horror of Nazi Germany. But his younger brother Arie and their entire family are sent east to the death camps. Only Arie survives.

The brothers reunite in the nascent Jewish state, where Arie becomes a businessman and one of the richest men in Israel while Peter becomes a top Mossad agent heading some of Israel’s most vital espionage operations. One brother builds Israel, the other protects it.

But they also fall in love with the same woman, Tamara, a lonely Jewish refugee from Cairo. And over the next two decades, as their new homeland faces extraordinary obstacles that could destroy it, the brothers’ intrigues and jealousies threaten to tear their new lives apart.

Promised Land is at once the gripping tale of a struggling family and an epic about a struggling nation.

“Martin Fletcher finds the real story of Israel, tucked away in people who believe their lives hold something of value. Just like us. Doesn’t matter if their dreams soar or shatter. They band together to overcome great odds. This master storyteller doesn’t just tell a tale. He helps us experience it. History seen through a storyteller’s eye, sticks in the mind. You will love this book.” ―Bob Dotson, New York Times bestselling author of American Story

“This historical family saga […] invites inevitable comparison with Leon Uris’ Exodus, the action picking up in 1950, directly after the historical events Uris depicts…Fletcher, well known for his National Jewish Book Award…and for his character-driven novels…knows his subject and dramatizes it to great effect.” ―Booklist Starred Review

“A mesmerizing and enjoyable read.” ―The Washington Book Review

“A riveting novel that picks up where Exodus left off. Martin Fletcher has written a sweeping yet intimate story of Israel’s first two decades, seen through the eyes of the founding generation. His saga of a growing family follows the struggles, intrigues and jealousies of two brothers, one a young businessman building the state, the other a secret agent protecting it. Fletcher’s meticulously researched book takes you deep into this astonishing achievement.” ―Tom Brokaw

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