Leat Haber is one of the most original artists these days, and has just released her debut EP ‘FLYING ON A KITE’ which is influenced from the 50’s and 60’s.

“The 50’s and 60’s are an era which I’m influenced from. I asked my producer, Noam Akrabi, to create this EP with as much resemblance to that era as possible; in the arrangements, recordings and live instruments. It was very important to me that it would sound like the 50’s and 60’s and the songs were written and composed in that manner.

Also in my shows, I play the part and dress according to that period. After the songs were ready we processed them through a special tape to sound as it did back in the day. I’m so happy I didn’t compromise on anything in this EP”.

Leat Haber is 37 married + 2 and lives in Hod Hasharon. She studied in Rimon Music School for 2 years. She has a BA and MA in English Literature from Bar Ilan University. At the age of 23, she traveled to Australia and performed in bars with a guitarist for 6 months.

When Leat came back to Israel she decided to start studying and stop with music. After 2 years she understood that she couldn’t run away from music, which is a big part of her life. She returned to writing, playing and singing at full speed and never stopped. Recently she founded the ensemble ‘Groove Salad’ alongside her solo career and it seems like she’s on the right path.

The songs were composed and written by Leat. The EP was produced by Noam Akrabi.