As the coronavirus epidemic is wreaking havoc in the world, musician Leat Haber has come to bring strength during this difficult time with her song “In a While”

The musician Leat Haber found amongst her songs the song  which continues her oldies sound from her successful debut album “Flying On a Kite”

Leat relates: “I wrote ‘In a While’ two and half year ago while I was pregnant with my son. It was in the first trimester and I couldn’t sing, write or play the guitar. I was very happy to be pregnant, but it was very difficult for me not to practice music. I wrote this song because I needed to calm myself that I will feel better soon, and that I’ll get back to my usual self. I decided to release this song now, because I hope that my personal story will help people pass this difficult period and comfort them that at the end it will pass too.”

When Leat came back to Israel she decided to start studying and stop with music. After 2 years she understood that she couldn’t run away from music, which is a big part of her life. She returned to writing, playing and singing at full speed and never stopped. Recently she founded the ensemble ‘Groove Salad’ alongside her solo career and it seems like she’s on the right path.

The songs were composed and written by Leat. The EP was produced by Noam Akrabi.