Check out the two new albums, ‘On the Wings of Imagination’ &‘Pluto Performance’ which have just been released by Israeli popular rock band ‘Alex Topel _New Exit’.

The album “On the Wings of Imagination” focuses on the songs that have been released over the years as singles.

The ‘Alex Topel _New Exit’ rock band came onto the music scene at the end of the ’90s when their debut album was recorded bearing the band’s name and contained rock ballads dealing mainly with love. This album includes the songs ‘Nehederet’ which later became a huge hit and the song “Thousands of battered children” which was hosted by the radio broadcaster Nathan Zehavi.

In the first years of the album’s release, the band received a lot of media coverage and played live on stages throughout the country. With the release of the second album in 2008, “One Long Cry”, the band realized that many people were still familiar of the top hit songs of  ‘NEHEDERET’ and ‘KHI LAH ZMAN’. After a time apart the rock band started performing again this past year. By the time the two new albums ‘On the Wings of Imagination’ &‘Pluto Performance’  were released to commemorate 20yrs since their formation, their most memorable songs had already been cemented into music lore not just in Israel but internationally as well.

As Alex recounts: “Over the years, each of the band members has gone their own separate ways, but when we regrouped this past year we were amazed that the audience knew all the words of the original songs … We learned that despite the gap in time, our songs were still being played everywhere such as South America, India, and Australia

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