Yaela Elyashiv continues to inspire her fans as she approaches her 7th year in the music industry.

“Crazy times” was written by Yaela to help inspire those stuck at home due to corona regulations.

Yaela is well known for her composition “Assi Rose & The Stars” and her performances with  “Echo-Spirit” with chart-topping hits, such as “From Jericho to Jerusalem” and “Good Seed”. She also performs in the Israeli Musical Ensemble for Jazz, working with the likes of Jer Swabi, Yossi Payne, Israel Kasif, and Shai Ben Tzur.

Yaela studied acting and singing in Dusseldorf before moving to Hamburg where she starred in the musical production “Buddy Holly. She also took up dance with the New York-based “Alvin Ailey Dance Company” and toured with the well-renowned “Kibbutz Dance Band” in Israel and abroad.

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