Yerachmiel Ziegler’s 21 song album “Off the Derech” expresses great changes in his personal life and outlook. It is a journey of raw emotion and vulnerability. A window to the journey of love and loss, a change of identity and a spiritual perspective. Facing self-doubt and finding self- acceptance and growing in love.

There is a good dose of social criticism and cynicism to match his optimism and longing for peace, love and harmony. Yerachmiel manages to weave poetic thoughts and ideas into music styles and genres.

From the tender age of seven as a child in a religious boys choir, YERACHMIEL has been touring, recording, filling seats in auditoriums while filling our hearts.

He has appeared on numerous TV and radio shows and toured with Matisyahu and has shared the stage with legends like Joan Baez and Shlomo Carlebach. To date, he has 6 studio albums, 20 singles and has appeared on over 50 albums.

Yerachmiel Ziegler immigrated to Israel in 2007, lives in Jerusalem, works as a music teacher, producer, and tour guide. He studied at the Mir Yeshiva, Pardes and the Jerusalem Academy of Music, and is currently on his way to a master’s in Archaeology and Bible at the Hebrew University. He’s a single dad with three young boys, 3 fish, 3 mice and maybe soon a cat…

“All the albums I have previously released was religious music, Psalms and liturgy based on the Torah (Bible). I come from a very proud deeply religious orthodox background. This is the first time I am making an English album with the aim of opening myself to wider audiences, to connect with me and my story. On the one hand, I am now a secular singer but with a band of ultra-Orthodox accompanists and this creates a unique blend and synergistic energy, balancing very different worlds,” Yerachmiel recounts.

“I’ve been through personal struggles, married and divorced, while trying to etch out living playing music. All the changes I went through led to good writing material and created the need for me for me to stay positive while sometimes being critical of the world. I am
finding my own unique path in life while trying to create a better future for our children.”

“This album is a great milestone for me personally and in my career. There is always room for improvement but the goal here is not to create perfect music but to reach the deepest points inside ourselves and find a way to share it. To create as much authentic music as I can in this lifetime,” he added.