The battle for every vote is still on in the United States, as Trump continues to raise money even on Election Day and voted a short while ago in New York. Clinton, who casted her vote earlier today in New York, stressed to the American public: “Many people are counting on the outcome of this election.”

Watch: Trump casts his vote in New York

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The US Election Day is at its peak after polling stations were opened this afternoon (Tuesday) in the West Coast and are now open across the US. Earlier today, Hillary Clinton cast her vote alongside her husband Bill and this evening (Israel Time), Republican nominee Donald Trump also made it to the polling station with his wife Melania.

The polling station at which Trump cast his vote is located in a school in Manhattan. After donating money at a stand selling cakes that was stationed at the site, Trump was asked what the situation was in swing states to the best of his knowledge, to which he gave a typical reply: “Very good. Generally, everything is very good.”

A short while before Trump arrived at the polling station, as reported earlier on JOL News, two anti-Trump female protesters arrived at the site, took off their shirts and exposed messages written on their chests. “Trump, grab your balls,” was written on one of the women’s chest. “Hate out of my polls,” was written on the other.

Many states across the U.S. have reported that long queues have formed outside polling stations. Meanwhile, the Washington Post reported that the voter turnout in these elections may end up reaching record-breaking levels.

After the polling stations throughout the country were opened for a couple of hours, Trump filed a voting lawsuit against Joe P. Gloria, the registrar of voters in Clark County, Nevada. According to the Trump campaign, Gloria kept the polling stations open “beyond the designated closing time” last week during early voting. The Trump campaign demanded that the votes be counted only after the issue is legally resolved. However, a judge quickly threw out Trump’s lawsuit.

So far, Clinton has addressed her supporters twice today. Shortly after she voted, Clinton sent a text message to her supporters. A few hours later, she wrote on Twitter: “It’s going to be close and we need you on this team.”