After an extremely tumultuous election campaign, the newly elected President of the United States Donald Trump visited the place that will become his permanent residence in two weeks’ time and will meet with President Obama for the first time in order to start the transition of power process.

President-elect of the United States Donald Trump arrived at the White House this evening (Thursday) for his first meeting with serving U.S. President Barack Obama, marking the start of the transition of power between the two following the U.S. elections. Meanwhile, First Lady Michelle Obama is expected to meet with the wife of the newly elected president, Melania Trump.

Obama and Trump will launch a briefing process that is expected to last ten weeks until the Republican president-elect takes office in January 2017. During the process, Obama will hand over various authorities to Trump and will expose his successor to several sensitive details about complex issues, including the US nuclear codes.

During the upcoming days, representatives from the American intelligence agencies will meet with Trump in order to brief him on some of their organizations’ most important and secret operations, missions and activities. As part of this process, the president-elect will be exposed to details regarding undercover espionage operations and classified intelligence collection methods.

In addition to military matters, Trump will also receive the authority to appoint judges to the U.S. Supreme Court upon receiving the Senate’s approval. Another power that will be bestowed upon Trump is the ability to veto legislation, a power that was used quite a bit by Obama during his two-term tenure but that Trump is not expected to use as much seeing that the Republican Party won control over the Senate and the House of Representatives.

Their first joint photo. Trump and Obama
Photo Credit: Channel 2 News