Lod’s LGBT community faced opposition from the city for its upcoming planned Pride Parade, told to hold an evening of dialogue instead. While the mayor says a parade will not take place in Lod, the LGBT community members called on their city officials to stand and fight for “a just and egalitarian society.”

A Pride Parade (Archives)

A Pride Parade (Archives) Photo Credit: Guy Yehieli/Channel 2 News

Members of Lod’s LGBT community that tried to organize a pride parade were met with strong opposition from the municipality, which won’t allow them to carry out the planned parade. The municipality announced that after a discussion with the organizers of the event, it was agreed that instead of a parade, there would be an evening for dialogue.

“In recent years there has been a significant reversal in the civil associations in Lod,” read the invitation to the Tolerance and Pride in Lod event published on Facebook. “The city, which serves as a platform for cultural diversity, has been dealing with many challenges both in and out with regards to its image within the Israeli collective, which offers an arena for social activism of the utmost importance, today.”

“We call upon our elected officials to work for a just and egalitarian society, to recognize us as equal citizens with equal rights. Today, in Lod, we also have a voice,” the invitation continued.

However, despite the supposed compromise with the municipality and the LGBT community’s calls for justice and equality, the Israel Police are preparing for the parade as planned and will have both uniformed and undercover police present for fear of possible violent clashes between participants and the event’s opponents.

Lod’s Mayor Yair Revivo spoke with Channel 2 News Online about his decision and stated, “I knew that it was going to be a disaster. I spoke with the community, we are not Tel Aviv, not Jerusalem, not even Be’er Sheva…in Lod, you won’t see such a thing.”